Some letters we've received -


Hi Glenn
Just wanted to let you know
that we were very pleased with
the performance of Country Mile
at our son Dylan's graduation
party this past Sunday. We
have received many favorable
comments from guests as well
during and after the
performance. The band was
dynamic and entertaining
playing a great mix of country
music new and old. I have to
admit I was a little concerned
about hiring a band I had not
previewed and based my
decision on the website you
have. You and the band
delivered all you promised plus
more!! I would not hesitate to
hire you guys again if we have
an event that we would like to
have entertainment again in the
future. I am also involved in
fundraising events and will keep
Country Mile in mind for
entertainment choices as well. I
am sure you will see a few
familiar faces at the "O's" this
Friday evening!!
Thanks again-
Jim Talbot


"Subject: RE: BCATv - Newburyport Homecoming Concert 7/29

Glenn - It was nice meeting you last night.  

First of all, my crew of 18-24 year old guys was skeptical of what the show
would be like. They were unanimous in that your performance hit a home run!

After every show we do, I always ask "What is the take away from this
concert?".  Nobody had the answer I saw - "If you want to get the chicks,
you gotta go country!  Pink Floyd only attracts the old men like me."

We all really enjoyed your performance and I believe you will love the video
based upon the spot checks of the footage I viewed last night.  The sound
guys did an awesome job as well.

Give us a couple of weeks to create DVD - it could be sometime as early as
next week.

If you want to download the raw 4 camera video via FTP, I can setup an
account for you.

Thanks again,

Brad Sweet"

"Country Mile, you guys ROCK!" Carolyn Kruse WKLB 99.5FM



I just wanted to send an email to tell you how AWESOME the Country Mile band is!!  I haven't seen the band since Chad Burdick was the lead singer, last night was the first time.  With the new singer Stephen, that band is going to make it BIG!! They kept the crowd going all night long and kept the energy up there too!  I had the best time listening to them, I couldn't stay still in my seat!!  We are the house DJ's there now on Friday nights and I look forward to working with the band again!  GREAT JOB GUYS!!




I started this email on Friday and got side-tracked...  Just wanted to send
a quick note and let you know we been receiving rave reviews (all week) for
last Saturday nights Dinner Dance.  Our Wing Commander mentioned at our
Friday Staff Meeting about what a great time it was and how he had never
seen so many people dancing at one of these events.  This is a tribute to
you and it was great to have your enthusiasm to get people out on the dance
floor.  He had a lot of great things to say, which was nice for us.

Thanks again for doing such a great job!  We loved having you there -  It
was obvious people had lots of fun (even the sorority girls) and it was nice
to see them really enjoying themselves.

Hope to see you again soon at one of your upcoming events (have your card on
our fridge).

Anyway, it was great working with you. You guys are awesome!!  Please extend
our appreciation to all your band members -  enjoyed meeting them.

Keep in touch!

- Lynne
(National Guard Assoc.) 


"Famed country mega-band Country Mile gave an amazing performance as partygoers were baffled at how we could find such a good country band in Boston. They've been playing the cook-off for years and more info on the band is available at They played for a solid four hours and were regularly taking requests from the partygoers. This event would not have been able to take place without the generosity of our two main sponsors - the Texas offices of McKinsey and BCG, along with the support of the HBS Energy Club and the Harvard Law School Texas Club." (from an article in The Harbus Online, Harvard Business School online paper)


"Thanks again for playing yesterday.  You guys were great, and lots of students asked where we found a real country band up in this part of the country.  Hopefully we'll be able to have ya'll again next year. Best,Chris" (from Harvard Business School Texas Club, Chili Cook-Off Festival)


"Hi Glenn, just a quick note to thank you guys again for a wonderful night.  I'm still getting calls about the party and everyone is raving about the band!  I'll keep checking the website and hope to see you guys very soon.  Thanks again!  Jeanne"


Hi Glenn!
Man , you guys were AWESOME the other night!  Thank you for playing my song!
Good luck!
Lauren (Foxboro Cable)
PS. I may miss Chad, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Steve!!!!  He's fantastic!  Well done!


"You guys were amazing. Courtney and I both were so thrilled! The party went very well. The place really filled up about 6ish. It went really late and it was a great time for all! Court and I agreed that if we do this again, we would like you guys to be the middle of the day group. Like the 6-10pm. That way more people could have enjoyed your act. Thanks again! MEGAN"


"thankyou for sharing your music with me. i saw you last night at N.Stonington fair, and you were great. i especially enjoyed the song In from the rain. my husband is a firefighter and 9/11 hit too close to home. i was over welmed with emotion. i bought a copy of your cd and plan on telling everyone about it. i look forward to seeing you perform on july 30th in N.Kingston, RI. Thankyou again for sharing with me. Sincerely, Keri Blais, Coventry,RI"


"Great-Great-Great-Great. The Best COUNTRY Music I have heard in a long time - Harvey H."


"Thanks again guys for the great performance on Aug. 12 at the Mansfield COA - we had a great time. Hope to have you again. - Gale"


"You guys were awesome at Roberts Pub in Taunton,Ma. Hope to see you guys again. - KAREN"


"I meant what I said about Country Mile being probably the best band we’ve had at the club."


"Everyone had a great time. I had numerous compliments regarding your band. Even the ones that said that they did not like country!!!!! Country Mile made our party!! I would like to purchase 4 of your CDs for some of my friends that are interested in your band. Fran's niece hasn't stopped talking about you signing her CD and pictures. You made her night. Remy is a new country fan. Thanks again, you made our party a big success. The girls at work are still talking about how great you guys sounded".


"It was an awesome night. Country Mile Band was awesome, You sounded fantastic and what a crowd, huh?"


Subject: Yankee Homecoming

"Hey, great show the other night! The band sounded great and you did a super job entertaining."


"You guys are the B E S T !!! Everyone commented on how great you all were. Thank you for being a part of our final carnival."


From the Sun Chronicle:

Band paid moving
tribute to veterans

To the editor:

__At Hampton Beach N.H. on
Thursday night, a band called
Country Mile played. They come
from various towns in Massachusetts
like Attleboro, Winchendon, etc. and
they are great.
__I was surprised to travel to New
Hampshire and see a band from my
own area.
__During their show they asked for
veterans to be applauded. We did that.
Then they asked for Vietnam vets to
stand up and come up to the stage.
__Only three or four stood, but the
sight of those men brought so much
emotion to the audience.
__The band sang "Proud to be an
American" which really stirred every
one up.
__I know there were others in the
audience who didn't get up, but to
see those men get the greatest
welcome, standing there so proud,
bonding with one another, will be
remembered by all.
__I know everyone felt it.
__People stood up at the end, and
the men looked like they looking
out to the world and finally
relieved and recognized.
__Country Mile told us they are up
for a country music award which we
can go to their Web site and vote.
__They are wonderful and so kind.
_________________Barbara Smith

"Just wanted to tell you I enjoy your show at Johnston Memorial Park last Thurs... The CD is GREAT too!! Looking forward to seeing you at the Washington County Fair......... a Country Mile Fan"


"Thanks for the great performance on Saturday. We're feeling very lucky to have found a band of such high quality over the internet. You exceeded our expectations by a mile. It was also a real pleasure to deal with you. Huge talent and integrity are a rare combination these days! Best of luck to you all. Greg"


"The show was incredible as always and the band is awesome, You are such a showman. It comes across really well on the stage. I think the band compliments each other, ya know. I hope Indian Ranch has you back."


Comments from the Message Board at Indian Ranch website:

"I have seen the CMB in concert and thay are awesome! It is hard to believe they are from Mass. I have their cd "Massachusetts Country" and it is fantanstic. I hope they do alot of songs from it this weekend at the Ranch! Sherie you will love them! Annette"

"I was very impressd with Country Mile and how long they sat and signed photo's and chatted with the folks of IR. I know they have not made the big time yet but if they keep performing and treating the fans the way they did at he Ranch Sunday then I am sure they will make it to the BIG TIME!"

"I certainly think Country Mile deserves the Boston Music Award I am voting right now. Go to their web site for the link."

"Shirley, Please bring the Country Mile Band back next year! They were by far the best opening act I have seen at the Ranch. thanks"

"Hey Shirley, Thanks so much for lining up such a great band as Country Mile to open for Paintin the Town concert. I, too hope that you will bring them back next year-- they are awesome, certainly deservant of the Boston Music Award as best local country band. I've already voted, and am telling all my friends and assiciates who have either attended one of their gigs or heard their debut CD."

"How about Country Mile Band, They are awesome. They have nowhere to go but up !!! They sound great, They play of each other like they have been together forever. That stage presence is incredible, They are not just a Great Country band, but Awesome Entertainers as well. I know I would go wherever I knew they were playing. I want to be able to say I KNEW THEM WHEN and they are just the type of guys that wont forget a fan...... Really down to earth. Talk with them sometime. Always go see them, You wont regret it. GO to their website and CHECK THEM OUT. While there dont forget to click on the link and vote for them, they have been nominated again by Boston Music Awards..... while there dont forget to vote for them. "

"yeah - weren't they awesome - every bit as good as the headliners! I enjoyed every minute of the show. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Country Mile at Tequilas next week! Shirley - I really hope their name is on next year's list for IR. Mal"

"The Country Mile Band was totally awsome! We will see them at the Country Music Awards in the near future! Horizen Award here they come! See you at the top Country Mile Band!"

"You want to talk phenominal? Let's talk Country Mile. I Have been to over 40 country concert not including Fan Fair and WOW is all I have to say. I have seen some Big names that have not been able to move the croud and really identify with them like they do.They totally are into what they are doing and it's evident with every chord and note that is produced from those talented guys. Each of them brings and adds something to the group which leaves you taken back and that much more interested. I have heard the band several times and they have,on occasion done "don't take the girl" from Tim McGraw. In my opion the only ones who could do it better would be Tim and his band. If they come to your town CHECK THEM OUT. You will not regret it. They have their debut cd out which is great. Check out Massachusetts Country!!! And with all this going on they still had time to squeeze in a nomination for the Boston Music Awards. I am so impressed and so happy for them. They are without a doubt a band that really does deserve all the recognition that they are starting to get.Horizon's award I can see totally. They are the band to watch! Go to their website and get the cd that non-country fans are buying!!!!!!!!! THey converted three of my friends into country fans!!!!! With a sound like that who woudn't?!??!?!"

"Hey Shirley, Thanks so much for lining up such a great band as Country Mile to open for Paintin the Town concert. I, too hope that you will bring them back next year-- they are awesome, certainly deservant of the Boston Music Award as best local country band. I've already voted, and am telling all my friends and assiciates who have either attended one of their gigs or heard their debut CD."


"Country Mile Band is just Awesome, I have seen them now approx. 7 times and after next week it will be 9, they are at Hampton Beach at the Hatchshell on the 28th and Tequila's RT 1 in Danvers on the 30th. "

"The Country Mile Band is one of the best I have ever heard. What stage presence and charisma they have. "

" have been following the Country Mile Band for a while now and they are truly great performers. The headliners at Indian Ranch did not have much over the Country Mile Band. I also see no where fr them to go but up. They are all very personable and go out of their way to greet their fans even after a long and tiring performance. Cheers to the Country Mile Band !!!"



"You guys were awesome. I thought your stage presence was great, You sounded great, had confidence written all over you. Like did your show the way you would if it were friends or in a more comfortable surrounding and knowing your coming on prior to the entertainers coming out. You couldn't have looked more at home or sounded any better. I hope you will be back at Indian Ranch next year!"


"I loved the show. You guys are great !! The headliners did not have much over your talent. Have my grandson and his friends going to your concerts now. Looking forward to see you perform again soon. Thanks again for taking the picture with us."


"I saw Country Mile at Indian Ranch this summer, and you were awesome. I may be old, but I know good sound and good presentation. You had it all."


"I just wanted to let you know that I discovered you at the Washington County Fair this year and signed up for your mailing list. Thanks for this e-mail, because my friends and I drove all the way from RI to Hampton Beach just to see you!!! It was great - we were the people in the front who requested the Watermelon Crawl. Thank you for a great time!!!! Keep on sending me updates... Thank you. Alicia"


"We all had a great time and all my friends love you guys so I am sure that there will be many more referrals. Rich and I will definitely use you guys in the future. Thank you and keep in touch"


"Why Thank You, Eddie - I saw you guys at the Guilford Fair Saturday and really enjoyed the show! I was there early for Phil Vassar, but seeing your show was a wonderful way to wait!!! I am in Northern CT so I hope to see you again somewhere soon... Thanks again, Kerry"


"I have to say that is the first time I sat and listened to a country band,and I was impressed with the show..I really should of bought the cd at the time, seeing that my significant other is quite a country music listener. Thank you for opening up my horizon as to what I would consider exceptional country music. Thanks, Eileen"


"Just thought I would tell you how awesome we thought you were this weekend at the Cranberry Festival ... We thought you were so good that we are now looking to come see you somewhere else.. Keep up the good entertaining.. Patty"